Mobile World Congress 2013… a technological trip at cruising speed

Wonderful sunrise to the sound of birds flapping in circles surrounding the horizon, golden flashes along the Mediterranean Sea, children´s laughs going out of the ship… We are in the Port of Barcelona. Leaving the harbor, saying goodbye to such a relaxing and enjoyable cruise trip sailing the Mediterranean Sea. What can Barcelona offer to tourists? With one click we can display in our EWTAB a full agenda of activities to do, but this time the goal was clear and has already been scheduled:

February 25-28th, 2013, Barcelona. Significant dates for many people, marked on their calendar even since last year. Three days of intense and advanced technological experiences for the branch of the mobile communication in the whole world. Plus high doses of learning, creativity and innovation. All of this had been guaranteeing the Mobile World Congress to us from the first congress held there in the 1987.

Since then, MWC/WMC is the maximum shop window the mobile phone industry can exploit in order to surprise with their latest releases and news for the current year. Is the place where the leading companies present their best looking forward to multiply its turnover, while highlighting the presentation of the newest prototypes that competition has not explored yet or did not get the expected performance.

This edition has broken several records at the same time has received some criticism. In a wide space of 94.000 m² has attracted some 72.000 visitors, most of them were tourists from almost 200 countries. A number of attendees 8% major with regard to the previous year, going down in history for it. Although success has not been the same regarding to great surprises and novelty.

Many companies decided to anticipate their new releases before MWC. Our case is motivated by the topic of the event. A month ago, the Soluntia team presented in FITUR (International Tourism Fair) the Ewtab Cruise: the tablet designet to cluster all possible services for cruise passengers and at the same time, to provide a connection interface between shipping companies and tourists.

ewtab cruise

Ewtab Cruise is a customizable product according to the requirements of the tourist, a new comprehensive project that is already underway with several shipping companies. As a tourist or newcomer to the MWC this year, can you imagine having access to a device that will improve your life aboard in so many ways? Following a world immersed in technology generation, despite having leaving behind the Mobile World Congress. Still immersed in a technological world of last generation, despite having left behind the Mobile World Congress already.

Getting to Barcelona on a cruise, or to any other port as well, to attend important conferences and events worldwide, will certainly enrich your experience. With the extra to make your reservations on the ship, have a complete guide on it, shows, restaurants, cultural and leisure programs, sightseeing tours, all you can do on and off the boat as well… with a single click and in one device. Without forgetting to save all your photos in the cloud. Turning back home from the conference you can enjoy a binnacle of your trip made of images, without worrying about losing the best memories and exclusive releases. Everything will be in the cloud.

Mobile World Congress is the cornerstone of the overall Mobile World Capital project, the global mobile capital which will continue to be hold in Barcelona until 2018. Besides the MWC, the project also includes the Mobile World Festival and the Mobile World Hub, programs and activities scheduled to be hold throughout the year. And there is also a date for the MWC 2014: 24 – 27th February.

Thinking about your next technology adventure plan for next year? In the meanwhile, many events, fairs and conferences to attend to, many destinations waiting to be explored… At the moment, from the deck we say goodbye with many good feelings to Barcelona, capital associated with innovation.

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